Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes, thats right. CT and Stitch went to TOKYO DISNEY!!!!!!
The trains to get to Disney were no nicer than the train from Shinagawa to Yokosuka. Once CT, Stitch, Billy and I made it to the Tokyo Train Station we were so turned around and confused. The directions given to us were less than clear or accurate. We did, eventually, get to Disneyland.

When we got to Disney we rode on Pirates of the Carribbean. It was exactly like the one in Florida, but in the wrong order!!! They must have read the directions in the wrong order.. haha! After the trains, the ride and walking around for only a few minutes, we were DYING of heat!!! So we grabbed some yummy shaved ice!
We saw alot of ducks. Makes us wonder if Disney imports ducks to all their parks. If thats so the "do not feed the wildlife" signs lie! They wouldn't be wildlife!

Stitch knew he was at home when he saw this. Or that it was some weird altar in his honor... Either way he liked it. CT wasn't as amused.

Don't ask why we're eating Japanese food at Disney. It just seemed like the right thing to do since we were at Tokyo Disney. Besides, we ate a hamburger earlier that day.

CT and Stich posing in front of the castle, everyone needs a picture in front of a Disney castle!!! The detail in this castle seems nicer than the one in FL. Maybe tahts just because it's in Tokyo so we just thought it was more awesome by proxy?

The Disney parade started with Minnie!! It was such a great parade!!

Stitch sees Lilo and Stitch coming around the corner, he had to jump in the way of the camera of course.

We also watched Minnie Oh! Minnie! Its a dance show of latino dances such as salsa, merengue, etc. It was super cute!

Tomorrowland had cool trees!

Totoro was amused by the fact that Disney had alot of hamburger/hotdog places. This hotdog was delicious and is making CT, Stitch and I hungry. So to wrap up we saw the night parade. Oh and THERE WERE NO FIREWORKS!!! >: O!!! AND NO COTTON CANDY AND NO FUDGE!!!!!!!! The Confectionary sucked. We'll go back.. for Disney Sea. But it was totally awesome being able to go to DisneyLand in Tokyo!!!

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