Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes, thats right. CT and Stitch went to TOKYO DISNEY!!!!!!
The trains to get to Disney were no nicer than the train from Shinagawa to Yokosuka. Once CT, Stitch, Billy and I made it to the Tokyo Train Station we were so turned around and confused. The directions given to us were less than clear or accurate. We did, eventually, get to Disneyland.

When we got to Disney we rode on Pirates of the Carribbean. It was exactly like the one in Florida, but in the wrong order!!! They must have read the directions in the wrong order.. haha! After the trains, the ride and walking around for only a few minutes, we were DYING of heat!!! So we grabbed some yummy shaved ice!
We saw alot of ducks. Makes us wonder if Disney imports ducks to all their parks. If thats so the "do not feed the wildlife" signs lie! They wouldn't be wildlife!

Stitch knew he was at home when he saw this. Or that it was some weird altar in his honor... Either way he liked it. CT wasn't as amused.

Don't ask why we're eating Japanese food at Disney. It just seemed like the right thing to do since we were at Tokyo Disney. Besides, we ate a hamburger earlier that day.

CT and Stich posing in front of the castle, everyone needs a picture in front of a Disney castle!!! The detail in this castle seems nicer than the one in FL. Maybe tahts just because it's in Tokyo so we just thought it was more awesome by proxy?

The Disney parade started with Minnie!! It was such a great parade!!

Stitch sees Lilo and Stitch coming around the corner, he had to jump in the way of the camera of course.

We also watched Minnie Oh! Minnie! Its a dance show of latino dances such as salsa, merengue, etc. It was super cute!

Tomorrowland had cool trees!

Totoro was amused by the fact that Disney had alot of hamburger/hotdog places. This hotdog was delicious and is making CT, Stitch and I hungry. So to wrap up we saw the night parade. Oh and THERE WERE NO FIREWORKS!!! >: O!!! AND NO COTTON CANDY AND NO FUDGE!!!!!!!! The Confectionary sucked. We'll go back.. for Disney Sea. But it was totally awesome being able to go to DisneyLand in Tokyo!!!

CT and Stitch on their way to Yokosuka! 7-29

CT and Stitch would like me to apologize for not updating this, oh, say.. a month ago when we got hom from Yokosuka??? So I'm sorry for the delay all!!!! In order to lighten the load of the Yokosuka trip, I'll be posting our adventures seperately. Day one? TRAVELING BY TRAIN IN JAPAN!!! First we had to travel from SASEBO to Hakata (Fukuoka.) That was done by this train. We were going backwards at first! It was crazy weird!
Once we got to Hakata, it was time to wait for and get on the SHINKANSEN! (Bullet train.) (Note: this picture was actually taken 8-3 at the Tokyo station upon departure from our trip!)

Looking out the window! We passed through several major cities such as Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Osaka!
The seats were big and comfy!!!

The Shinkansen ride was amazing, but the local line from Shinagawa to Yokosuka-Chou was such a headache! The directions given to CT, Stitch and I said 5 stops and 40 minutes. It did not clarify that there was an express, local express, local, commuter blah blah blah trains. So We got off at the wrong station. Luckily between myself and the taxi driver we made it to our hotel! And what a great view we had!!! The first day wasn't a huge adventure but it was great being able to ride on a bullet train!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


CT and Stitch LOVED going to Yokosuka, Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland!!!! We will post pictures soon, when we get the keyboard on our laptop fixed and can upload pictures and type about the trip at the same time. :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going on the SHINKANSEN!!

Tomorrow morning CT, Stitch and I will be on our way to Yokosuka and Tokyo via the Shinkansen. Known to us Americans as... The Bullet Train!!! Depending on the availability of the internet, the blog may not be updated until our return to Sasebo. I hope we can have loads of fun while we're there!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

American Culture Exchange!

Today CT, Stitch, Shannon, and I had a culture exhange with six young japanese children. Ruka, Hidetora, Akari, Hina, Ryousuke, and Koshiro came to visit us from Fukuoka to practice their English and have an American culture experience! After a quick tour of the base, where they saw the grocery store, the Navy Exchange, the ships at the pier, the foodcourt and the post office, we all headed back to my house! Here Akari showed us her piano skills, then Ryousuke and Hina played for us. These children's piano skills were AMAZING!!!
The children asked Shannon questions while I made them hotdogs and macaroni and cheese. We also had some chips sitting out on the table! If you look close in the picture with the hotdogs you may be able to see CT and Stitch in the bowl by the door! They wanted hotdogs too.

Yummy Yummy hot dogs!!!

Once the hotdogs were done, we painted sugar cookies with yolks and food coloring. We also had colored sugar to decorate!

The kids really liked painting their cookies! While the kids waited for the cookies to bake they made origami flowers and airplanes! It was fun watching them create things out of paper.

Baked and looking delicious! Didn't they do a great job!?

Akari was eating her cookies on the couch because the table was so packed! I sat near her so she wouldn't be alone.

When Akari was done with her cookies she stood by everyone else while they ate. Shannon and I tried to ask the kids what they do after school for fun.. they didn't seem to be able to translate what they like to do...

A group shot after the lesson and before playing in the park! From left to right is Me, CT and Stitch, Ruka (green shirt), Ryousuke (red shirt), Hidetora (white shirt), Koshiro (brown shirt), Shannon, and on the floor is Hina (pink shirt) and Akari (green shirt.)

Here are the beautiful gifts that were left! The children signed and drew on the Sensu (folding fan) and presented both me and Shannon with a Furin (Wind-bell.) Some of the paper airplanes were left behind, as well as the fortune tellers but the origami sushi platter (with chopsticks and rice ball) and ninja star were given to me and shannon!!! It was such a great day. CT, Stitch and I would love to see everyone again! Hopefully Naho-san will contact us soon!